Paul Graham

Executive Director – Compliance at Arqaam Capital

Having worked with Souzan on AML, KYC, KYB and CTF ventures, I can wholeheartedly confirm that she is an excellent team player, who adds tremendous value to an individual and project level. Her attention to details and granular topic knowledge make her a go-to resource, and I unreservedly recommend her to anyone working in the compliance sphere.

Hiba Ajaj

 Associate Director – Compliance at Arqaam Capital

It was with great pleasure to work with Souzan. She has an exceptional expertise in coaching, leadership, and motivation. Souzan is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and very capable. She is reliable and forward thinking Compliance Professional.

Mohammed Radhi

Head of Finacial Crime Compliance at Al Ahli Bank

Souzan is an intelligent compliance professional with the right set of skills and expertise that exceeded clients expectations during her tenure at Thomson Reuters as a Compliance Consultant. Her insights on subjects revolving around Regulatory Compliance and Financial Crime Compliance added a lot of value to the team. She is truly a talented individual making her a valuable asset to any organization. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend Souzan without any hesitation.

Lee Byrne

Managing Director & Head of Academy

I had the pleasure of working with Souzan as part of an international tier one global banking training selection event. During this event, Souzan demonstrated consistently high levels of professional training skills and competency, a charming and personable manner and a determination to succeed. It is my great hope that I will be able to work with Souzan again in the future.

Zhaneta Gatt-Petrova

AML, Compliance, Fraud & Risk – C4U Malta

Souzan was invited over to provide a two-day in-house compliance training for our company. Thanks to her professional approach and extensive knowledge on the subject the training turned out to be very useful. The presentation was well structured, easy to follow, provided in-depth analysis of the applicable legislation and also contained useful advice of how to best implement these requirements. What made her presentation really worthwhile was the fact that it was not only limited to the theoretical aspect but also included real case studies. The session surpassed our expectations of regular training as she managed to engage us into a discussion about the importance of compliance and how to make use of good practices.

Souzan struck us to be very friendly and approachable and readily answered all our questions. She promised her support and she really did help when we needed her advice.

It is for her professional and personal skills that I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Duhiza Smith

Head of Compliance

I had the pleasure of meeting Souzan last year during the ICA Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance Course. I’m still amazed how two people from different parts of the world connected as if we had known each other for years . More amazing is what you can so quickly learn about a person’s character, values and principles. Her wealth of knowledge as a Compliance Consultant was evident through the well though-out questions and how she conversed on the same. Her passion for compliance was infectious. Her strong work ethic and her commitment to being not good, but great at her job was more than evident.
She is one of the most sincere and honest persons I have met.
I have no doubt that Souzan is an exemplary employee, who is dedicated, self-motivated and responsible. I firmly believe that she is an individual capable of exceeding expectations and I have no doubt that she would prove to be a valuable asset to any organization.

Glenna Smith

Managing Director of Smith Compliance Consulting Inc.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of attending an intensive training course over 6 full days with Souzan.

During this course, Souzan and I had the opportunity to see each other present on financial crime topics and also provide one another with feedback – both positive and what could be even better. During this time, I was able to discover that Souzan appears to be a natural facilitator and trainer as she has a smooth, easy and confident style that complements her technical abilities very well. She engages the audience naturally and interacts well with various questions and scenarios.
I very much enjoyed watching Souzan present and would encourage anyone to attend any of her training classes!
I hope our paths cross again one day.

David Shepherd, CAMS

Market Development Lead – Risk at Thomson Reuters and Group Secretariat, MENA Financial Crime & Compliance Group

Souzan brings a great deal of compliance and regulatory expertise to our team. She has successfully bridged the gap from working in a direct compliance role to providing expert advice and training to others in the industry. Beyond her wealth of knowledge she also brings a friendly, positive and hard working approach to her role which has made her liked and respected in equal measures.

Souzan Esmaili